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A long road behind. A long road ahead. Create. Be healthy. Be.

Statement: “Light and color dancing with the fluidity and luminosity of liquid water. The Louisiana humidity, a fertile green by-product of life at her most intense. Lifting the veil. with paint. with intuition. I love the way the paint caresses the canvas, rubs up against other colors & shapes, mingles without losing itself, dances joyfully across the canvas. I share objects and emotion and magic.” ~Jeanne

Bio: Jeanne started drawing and painting at a very early age.

jeannelamy.com – Sharing joy with paint, words, and ideas…creations


howdyjared.org – Jared Matthew Lamy Memorial LIFE Scholarshipjeannelamy_moon

jeannedenise.com – My Etsy Link! Jewelry & Rosaries. “Jeanne Denise is from Baton Rouge and uses semi-precious gemstones, glass, shell, and metal to make jewelry that soothes her soul…and hopefully yours as well.” Playful and artistic color choices. Handcrafted!

jeannewebrelamy.com – Light, color dancing with fluidity, luminosity. Louisiana humidity, fertile green life at her most intense. Lifting the veil, intuition. Caresses, mingles, dances joyfully. Objects, emotions, magic.

Jeanne Denise Webre Lamy – “Xanadu Gallery is a resource for collectors, designers, builders, and corporations for procuring the highest quality art. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, one of the hottest art markets in the country, Xanadu Gallery showcases outstanding artworks in a wide variety of media and styles.” Xanadu Studios is a virtual extension of Xanadu Gallery. “In Xanadu Studios you will discover new artists, connect directly with them, and collect their work through our secure site.”

May Dragons Guard Your Dreams on Amazon – Recently, we published our picture book “May Dragons Guard Your Dreams.” Available on Amazon, barnesandnoble.com, and now in French too!  “Noble hearts practice kindness. This is a perfect book to read with loved ones or even alone. Deliciously delightful, soul-soothing moments of truth and laughter inspire gratitude. Share the joy!” Soulsoothing.org for the official Amazon author page & all the books.

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