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A long road behind. A long road ahead. Create. Be healthy. Be.

Statement: “Light and color dancing with the fluidity and luminosity of liquid water. The Louisiana humidity, a fertile green by-product of life at her most intense. Lifting the veil. with paint. with intuition. I love the way the paint caresses the canvas, rubs up against other colors & shapes, mingles without losing itself, dances joyfully across the canvas. I share objects and emotion and magic.” ~Jeanne

Bio: Jeanne started drawing and painting at a very early age.

jeannelamy.com – Sharing joy with paint, words, and ideas…creations


howdyjared.org – Jared Matthew Lamy Memorial LIFE Scholarshipjeannelamy_moon

jeannedenise.com – My Etsy Link! Jewelry & Rosaries. “Jeanne Denise is from Baton Rouge and uses semi-precious gemstones, glass, shell, and metal to make jewelry that soothes her soul…and hopefully yours as well.” Playful and artistic color choices. Handcrafted!

May Dragons Guard Your Dreams on Amazon – Recently, we published our picture book “May Dragons Guard Your Dreams.” Available on Amazon, barnesandnoble.com, and now in French too!  “Noble hearts practice kindness. This is a perfect book to read with loved ones or even alone. Deliciously delightful, soul-soothing moments of truth and laughter inspire gratitude. Share the joy!” Soulsoothing.org for the official Amazon author page & all the books.


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